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164 Ear-Hook mask - Purlés
Purlés 164 Ear-Hook Mask represents a breakthrough in Beauty Liftology, offering a unique blend of hydration and firming benefits.

This moisturizing and skin-tightening mask is perfect for those seeking to rejuvenate their complexion, an ideal solution for mature and dry skin types desiring a youthful lift.

Key Ingredients:

Marine Collagen: Infuses the skin with moisture and offers a gentle tightening effect while combating wrinkles and preventing skin sagging. It also alleviates the impact of UV exposure.

Vitamin E: A potent antioxidant that penetrates the skin deeply, protecting it from oxidative stress. It also prevents photoaging, soothes inflammation, enhances healing, and fortifies the skin's lipid barrier for improved moisture, elasticity, and smoothed fine lines. Indications:

Highly recommended for all skin types, with an emphasis on mature and dry skin seeking to restore firmness, hydration, and shape to the facial contour.

Results: With consistent use, you can expect a visible lift in the skin, refined facial contours, and a noticeable smoothing and moisturization of the skin's texture.

How to Use: Open the sachet and unfolding the mask. Apply from the forehead to the chin, attaching it over the ears using the pre-made holes to secure. Smooth out air bubbles for a snug fit and leave for 15 minutes, taking note of a possible stinging sensation during application.Contraindications:

Avoid use if you have known allergies to any listed ingredients. Do not use on broken or irritated skin.

Capacity: Single-use sachet. Special ear holders are designed to enhance the lifting effect on the face oval. The formation of a smoothing film on the skin aids in reducing water evaporation, thus boosting hydration significantly.

164 Ear-Hook Mask purles

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